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We started life as a product company, working with third party developers in the UK & Ireland to do our work. We were fortunate in our selection of partners and had some great work done, but as a start up, working that way is very expensive and it’s not long until you find your “runway” getting very short.
That’s why we decided to build our own development capability with our Indian friends. So that we could increase the length of our runway, through spending much less and also have much greater flexibility for ongoing development.
That’s what we can offer to you too.
What’s more, we have the experience with our product business, Clicks Help of being one of the start ups selected to be on one of Europe’s top Accelerator Programs, Collider based in Amsterdam, where we had the good fortune of receiving world class coaching on all aspects of the start up journey. We even won the award for coming top of the class for 2018!
So, we are not just a software house, we can offer advice on all stages of your start up journey, from Customer Validation, Problem / Solution Fit, Product Solution Fit, Business Planning, Development and acquiring funding. We do that “just for fun”, seriously….
If you’re a start up thinking about a Minimum Viable Product, we can probably build you an actual market ready product, for the same level of costs as a UK / Irish supplier will charge you for building a paper-thin MVP. If you like, we can also help you source your very own low cost tech team, that can scale as your business grows, at a fraction of the cost of doing that anywhere in Europe.
We love helping people get what they want in life and business. So why not talk to us to see if we can help?

Meet Our Team

Our Core Team is a mix of our UK/Ireland Customer Focus team and our Indian Based Development operation

    Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Key Account Management


      Damian is our UK/Ireland technical lead.

      • Sagar Bhavsar
        Sagar BhavsarCTO INDIA

        Sagar is our technical lead for our Indian office

        • Ekta
          EktaPHP/ REACT Developer

          PHP, Laravale, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, React Native, React.js

          • Anil
            AnilPHP Developer

            PHP, Laravale, Codeignator, Zend, Drupal, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js

            • Nirav
              NiravReact Native/Native Android Developer

              React.js, Java, Kotlin

              • Gaurav
                GauravNative Android / React Native Developer

                Java, Kotlin, React.js

                • Nikunj
                  NikunjGraphics / HTML DEVELOPER

                  HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, PhotoShop, Sketch

                  • Tejas
                    TejasiOS/React Developer

                    Objective C, Swift, React Native, React.js

                    • Denish
                      DenishHTML Developer

                      HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap, JQuery, WordPress

                      • Jayesh
                        JayeshASP .NET DEVELOPER

                        ASP.NET MVC, WEB API, C#, JavaScript, JQuery, SQL, WPF

                        • Kathan
                          KathanBUSINESS DEVELOPER

                          Email/Social Marketing, Relationship Building, Selling

                          • Dhruvi
                            DhruviGraphics Designer

                            Photoshop, Sketch

                            • Nishant
                              NishantQuality Analyst

                              Manual Testing

                              • Avwal
                                AvwalPHP Developer

                                PHP, Ajax, JQuery, Laravel, Node.js

                                • Mitesh
                                  MiteshPHP DEVELOPER

                                  PHP, Ajax, JQuery, Laravel,

                                  • Ketan
                                    KetanIOS/REACT DEVELOPER

                                    Objective C, Swift, React Native, React.js

                                    • Jaydeep
                                      JaydeepIOS/REACT DEVELOPER

                                      Swift, React Native

                                      • Kishan
                                        KishanPHP DEVELOPER

                                        PHP, Ajax, JQuery, Laravel,

                                        I first started working with Indian companies during the mid 1990’s and I would admit that initially the culture gap was a shock! There were so many differences from how we are in the West, from how we communicate (e.g. how Indian people often struggle to say “no”), through perceptions of how time works, deadlines and acceptable quality standards.  In those early days it was a struggle. As Kipling famously said “East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.”
                                        However, eventually I grew to love, embrace and most importantly manage those differences in an effective way, so now I would quote you the less known lines of that same Kipling poem, “But there is neither East nor West … When two strong men stand face to face.” With our combined experience, our team has developed that skillset of being a cross cultural team that works fantastically well together. That’s one of the many reasons that we add value for our clients, we can manage all those cultural issues, so you don’t have to. Saving you time, money and much potential heartache – the best of both worlds.
                                        Tom Hughes CEO
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