Top 8 Reasons To Choose React Native For Your Mobile App in 2021

Top 8 Reasons To Choose React Native For Your Mobile App in 2021

Top 8 Reasons To Choose React Native For Your Mobile App in 2021

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  • Jan 01, 2020

React Native is a mobile app development framework to develop Android and iOS apps much faster by reusing code

Let’s take a look at the top 8 reasons to choose react native for your mobile app development in 2021: 

1. Cross-Platform
2. Cost-Effective Solution
3. Developing and Publishing Updates is Faster
4. Great User Experience
5. Leverage complex UI and component-based UI
6. High Performance
7. Great Community Support
8. Live Reloading 

1. Cross-Platform:

React Native is an open-source Framework on which you don’t have to create a separate app for iOS and Android. React Native’s one codebase is enough to build apps for both platforms without compromising the quality of UI/UX

2. Cost-Effective Solution:

Due to the feature of code reusability, it saves the developer time & effort to develop an app which leads to a decrease in cost up to a great extent. If you are on a tight budget and want to have an app, then React Native is the best option.

3. Developing and Publishing Updates is Faster:

Nowadays people’s patience level is very low, they want apps faster with the bulk of functionalities. The cause of the reusability of code in Cross-platform development becomes faster. 

Moreover, at the time of future updates or solving bugs, it’s easy to update & publish new features to the AppStore without waiting for the apple review.

4. Great User Experience:

React Native is UI-focused by giving a smoother feel. It ensures responsiveness along with a Great User Experience.

It follows specific UX/UI guidelines for developers and providing a similar user experience while navigating the apps. The user interface (UI), that is developed through React Native mainly includes widgets that function flawlessly

It maintains the visual representation of the view hierarchy of an application. It gives you a simplified UI to decrease load time.

5.Leverage complex UI and component-based UI:

Component-based UI Development Optimizes the Requirements & Design Process. Reusable components allow hybrid apps to render natively. This component-based structure allows you to build apps with a more agile & robust.

6. High Performance:

React Native comes equipped with Native modules and components that guarantee enhanced performance. Furthermore, applications built using this framework consume less memory and load quickly. It provides near-native performance

Most of the Native platforms are CPU(Graphics Processing Unit) intensive while React Native makes use of GPU (Central Processing Unit) which effects faster high performance.

7. Great Community Support:

Another benefit of selecting React Native for App development is great community support as it is Open Source

As the Facebook engineering framework supports React Native, it has a developing community for backing it up. Facebook, along with this community, is consistently enhancing the under-development framework by promising better technology.

8. Live Reloading:

Last but not least, the key element is Live reloading features;

With React Native, it removes the need for recompilation of the application each time a change has been made. It gives the facility to developers to look at the code and the app screen side by side at the time of edits. (immediately see the effect)

Live Famous Apps of React Native:

    • Airbnb

    • Instagram

    • Uber Eats

    • Facebook

    • Soundcloud

Have a look at our Best React native apps:

According to a survey by MarketsandMarkets, Cross-Platform development is rapidly increasing & estimated to generate $80.45 Billion in the year 2020.

React Native is still every business owner’s choice and A pill for customers’ headaches

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