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OrderEats now allows any of your favourite local mom and pop or small chain restaurants to provide the convenience of ordering straight from your phone and customised easily to your liking for any order method you prefer. Whether you want to: Pick-up dinner without the hassle of calling in Drive-thru without the long lines and customising your order through a box Dine-in without waiting to order and then trying to find a seat for you and your group Delivery without having to fill up your phone screen with every delivery service app and extra fees It can all be done quickly and easily wherever you…no hassle and no added costs! Customising an order has never been easier… allowing full customisation of menu items and the ability to save that customised item to your favourite to access in the future with an easy one touch re-order button! Receive notifications on every order, promotions from your favourite restaurants and provide feedback directly to the restaurant after any order.

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