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Our vision for posted love is to actually help our members to find genuine love in this beautiful world. We will do this by investing in your relationship and help you to find the perfect match, which enhanced your life into the next level of happiness. As Men are attracted by what they see but Woman are attracted to what they hear. We decided to help both group in the process to find love by created a website based on dating videos. We are also the only video dating website in the world. This means No More profile reading which is almost always not completed. This let you “SEE, Hear and Experience your potential partner“ before you ever meet. Without giving your personal information, you can make full use of the website for free. You can write, chat and video calling all on the website, until you feel that this person may be the right one. Posted Love will invest in your process to meet a potential match by giving events all over the world. Once we reach a healthy number of members in each city or country. We hereby welcome you into a world of dating and love and a wonderful dating experience, that will lead you into marriage or any type of relationship you belief in. Welcome to Posted Love.

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